Notes to Self
About these notes

About these notes

Hi, I'm Cam, and right now, you're checking out my collection of working notes. I have been curious about personal knowledge management for a while, but was finally inspired to set this up after reading Tom Critchlow's posts about digital gardens. Consider it an experiment in thinking in public; an environment to test, document and (hopefully!) clarify my thinking on various topics, as well as a place to store some of the things I've learned.

At the moment, I'm trying to form more of a mental model about mental models, and how they inform my approach to problem solving -- but there are a few other things that are top of mind at the moment, too.

If you want to chat about anything you read here, hit me up on Twitter.

I'm a big fan of the linearly presented but non-linear way that Andy Matuschak approaches note-taking (Zettelkasten?), so I've shamelessly ripped off his format here using a slightly customized version of Aravind Balla's Gatsby theme.

Warning: Within these notes, there are lots of half-baked -- or not-at-all-baked -- ideas, fragments of thoughts, open questions, disconnected notes about stuff and drafts of things I may one day get around to finishing.