Hi, I’m Cam, and right now, you’re checking out my collection of working notes. I have been curious about personal knowledge management for a while, but was finally inspired to set this up after reading Tom Critchlow’s posts about digital gardens. Consider it an experiment in thinking in public; an environment to test, document and (hopefully!) clarify my thinking on various topics, as well as a place to store some of the things I’ve learned.

The source for all of this is available on Github.

Fair warning: there will be lots of half-baked — or not-at-all-baked — ideas, fragments of thoughts, disconnected notes about stuff and drafts of things I may one day get around to finishing.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me or hit me up on Twitter.

All Notes

  1. Digital Gardens
    1. On Cultivating My Digital Garden
  2. Future Explorations
  3. Mental Models
    1. Heuristics
    2. Laws, Principles & Adages
    3. Logical Fallacies